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I’m Kimberly Patterson — an HR pro turned consultant with 25 years of experience. As your partner and advisor, I work with business leaders, HR professionals and employees to assess, create or improve the HR pain points in your business. Processes can’t work without people knowing how to make them work best. With over 2 decades of advanced HR experience, I take your business and my work seriously with cost-effective and value added results.

I offer a variety of customized solutions intended to improve the productivity, profits and customer service of your business.

Whether you require project-based solutions or complete outsourcing of the HR function, click on any category below to learn more.

Is your office manager or CFO overwhelmed with trying to manage HR?  Would you love to have a trusted advisor who can free up your team’s brain power to focus on your core business?

The stuff that drives your team crazy is the stuff we’re glad to handle!  We’ll provide you with an on-call HR Director to advise and work with you on the “how to” of basic HR processes.  We can do the work for you OR teach you how to do the work.  Stuff like hiring, terminations, payroll outsourcing, recruiting, effective internal communication, legal compliance, employee handbooks, labor law and benefits management.  For startups and growing companies, we will lay a comprehensive HR foundation — create and streamline processes.
If you’re familiar with HR then you know the amount of paper and forms that can be generated from HR.  Save the trees and valuable office space while protecting the privacy of your employee data by converting your HR department into one that functions entirely in a paperless and electronic environment. The communication and documentation from HR is consistent at all times. We have the experience and expertise to guide your team through this conversion OR do it for you.

Being paperless goes beyond the HR files. What are your company’s current processes for onboarding, benefits administration, performance management and termination? Every stage of the employee life cycle — from the time you make an offer to a candidate to when they leave the organization — can be an electronic process. It’s comprehensive, scalable and always personalized with your organization’s priorities in mind.

Did you know that top employees typically produce 12 times more than the average employee? What would your bottom line look like if you had an organization of top performers?

That’s where we can help. We can turn your performance review process upside down to create a simpler, faster way to help your managers identify the employees who are ready for leadership roles. It will also help you identify staff weaknesses, and work to make them strong performers. Your business success depends on the talent in your organization. And having a talent plan aligned with your business strategy will make or break your growing business.
Are your leaders focused on enhancing productivity? Can they communicate effectively when it’s necessary to have a difficult conversation? Do your leaders know effective ways to provide feedback to low performers on ways to move forward? Do your managers know how to set, communicate and measure objective goals for their teams?

If you answered “no” to these questions and face these issues, we can provide tools that will help your leaders and managers learn and sharpen their managing skills. Addressing performance issues in the workplace is critical for manager confidence, team productivity and overall positive engagement.  Managers dread the “people issues”! We get it!  We provide simple tools that transform “dread” and avoidance into powerful, effective leadership. We help you create the ultimate win-win-win at work—for your leaders, your employees, and your customers.
Are your hiring managers able to easily identify talent voids? Do they understand how to ask the right questions to determine the real skill and experience level of a candidate? Do they know the ins and outs of interviewing legally? Simply put, are they able to hire the right people into the right roles? Whether you have job descriptions or not, knowing how to hire based on talent voids as well as how to screen properly is critical when investing in human capital. We take a risk every time we make a job offer to a candidate – we will help your managers hire right with invaluable tools.

Does your onboarding process consist of dumping a pile of forms onto a new employee or do they have the opportunity to get a “feel” for the inner workings of the organization at their time of hire? Onboarding doesn’t need to be painful or enormously time consuming. When done effectively, your new hires will learn and build internal relationships immediately. When people know how their role is directly linked to the overall success of the organization and how they contribute, the instant outcome is an accelerated ramp up time to job competency as well as encouraging engagement.
Can your managers handle employee complaints effectively, or do their attempts at handling them make them worse? Do they know how to identify the types of complaints that could turn into costly ones?

Avoid legal risk and employee relations nightmares by having your own knowledgeable and experienced HR “on call” to handle complaints, issues and harassment allegations. You can even have us train your managers how to handle these gray areas so that you can avoid or mitigate legal (and financial!) risk, as well as enjoy improved internal relationships. We’re here for you!
For organizations:  In today’s world, it sometimes can’t be avoided. You have difficult times when you have to do a staff reduction or downsizing. It’s tough for everyone. You can help those displaced employees by offering them outplacement services. This gives them a huge advantage in getting back on their feet professionally so they can find a new opportunity as quickly as possible. We provide full resume service, career coaching, interviewing advice and overall job search recommendations. You help your employees. You help your reputation. You do the right thing.

For individuals:
  Are you involved in a job search that’s not getting results? Are you frustrated because you know you’re a great contributor but your resume just isn’t bringing you the meetings and interviews you need? Could you use some help with your interview skills so that you can “wow” potential employers? We don’t just work with organizations. We help people just like you, too!  We will work with you one on one to help you get results from your job search. We’ll work with you on your resume so that your marketing piece does what it’s supposed to – puts you and your accomplishments in their best light. We’ll help you be effective both in the electronic and the offline job search world. We’ll also give you the interview skills to show employers and HR recruiters what you can do for them in a way that makes them want you on their team.  We’ll customize a plan just for you, targeted to your goals, your skills, and your job search. It’s not “off the shelf”—it’s one of a kind.

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