A Popular Tech Term: Touch Screen

A Popular Tech Term: Touch Screen

The use of technology is continuously increasing digital signage solution Malaysia. You will regularly find a new update in the technological world. However, a popular and one of the most used tech features is the touch screen. Earlier used mainly in phones, now it has a wide range of applications. You will learn a lot about it through this article.

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What is a touch screen?

You might have heard the term touch screen many times in your life. From the word, the meaning is clear. That is a screen that senses touch and reacts to it. It is true up to some extend. However, the entire process of sensing touch and reacting accordingly is a lot more complex. Not going into the technical aspect smart digital signage, you can simply take it as an input and output facility. Your touch is the input and the way it reacts to it is the output. Most of the electronic devices people use today uses tech screen.


Benefits of touch screen

You might be using a touch screen for a long time, but have you ever noticed the amount of benefit it provides. If not, here is a list.

  • Speed: How exhausting it was to type the same number again and again to write alphabets. Now, you can just touch the alphabet you want and it will be there on your screen. It increases your speed to work on a tech device.
  • Ease of use: Touchscreen reduces the risks of error and provides ease of use. It is much easier to use a device incorporated with a touch screen facility than to use something that takes input for either typing or any other technique.
  • Touch is popular: If you introduce some other technique in your workplace, chances are that most of your employers face difficulty in using it. However, touchscreen in a popular form. There is a rare possibility that someone is not aware of it. Thus, the productivity of your firm will increase. 

Being a trendy technology, it is known to almost everyone. The technology is experiencing new updates frequently. For example, earlier the touch screen technology can only react to one touch at a time, but now you can see multi-touch facilities. All these things contribute to the increasing use of touch screens in offices, firms, and other workplaces.

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Application of touch screen

As mentioned earlier, the use of touch screens is continuously increasing in various departments Rev Interactive. Here are some fields that have shifted to touch screen technology for various purposes. They are:

  • Commercial offices: Touchscreens are used for various purposes in offices. From giving access through fingerprints and swiping Ids as an identity to computers that complete simple tasks through gestures, everything uses touch screen technology.


  • Media houses: Media houses has a wide range of touch screen application. They use it to cover significant events like elections. While election reporting, they touch on the number of seats and states, then it appears on the screen that makes the entire process easy for them and attractive to viewers. 


There are various other industries also which require the use of touch screens. The most common use of this technology is in phones. You might be reading this while scrolling on your phone that works on touchscreen technology.

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Italian Village Has Been Plagued By Mysterious Fires For Years

More than ten years ago, residents of the Sicilian village of Canneto di Caronia, Italy, had to deal with numerous mysterious fires. Without any explanation, the locals witnessed the spontaneous combustion of mattresses, beds, cars, refrigerators and even cell phones.

At the time, the episodes attracted the attention of geologists, physicists and volcanologists. However, none of the professionals could provide a scientific explanation for the bizarre phenomena.

Naturally, residents have begun to rely on theories that are a little out of logic. Some even sought religious justifications, blaming poltergeists and other demonic forces.

The Fires

It all started in January 2004, when, for no apparent reason, household appliances, including a stove and a vacuum, started to catch on fire. In order to try to stop the fires, the local electric company cut the power supply. The attitude, however, was in vain.

Consequently, the village was evacuated. Without the presence of the residents, the government launched an investigation. The act didn’t work either. Experts and authorities were unable to discover what caused the fires and the problem persisted.

Even with the arrival of volcanologists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and a team of specialists from the Italian Navy, the flames continued to appear. Months passed and, as the village was empty, the fires gave a truce. However, when the villagers returned, the flames broke out again.

Basically, the villagers had to learn to live with the inexplicable problem. As if the fires weren’t enough, other events started to terrify the places. Pipes began to spurt water, mirrors were shattered into pieces, and an entire eggplant plantation was compromised.

In the meantime, there were also reports of air conditioners spontaneously melting, car windows imploding, hard drives erasing, and automatic gates in some homes began to randomly open and close. Also, many animals died.

One Year Later

In April 2005, the Italian government created a special Task Force. High-ranking army officers, engineers, architects, geologists and physicists gathered to investigate the situation that haunted the village.

The group relentlessly searched the entire area. Even so, the results were inconclusive. In 2007, an Italian newspaper published a report by the Department of Civil Protection. According to the document, the fires were caused by ‘aliens’, as the outbreaks were caused ‘by electromagnetic emissions whose power varied between 12 and 15 gigawatts. The investigation was closed a year later.

In the absence of tangible evidence, villagers reverted to belief in supernatural theories. Sicily’s health and safety adviser, Vittorio Alfieri, said in an interview that the fires were caused ‘by ‘an entity’ that ‘moves from one house to another’.

“A house on the ground floor caught fire and then the fire moved to a house nearby,” he explained.

As the fire did not cease, the sites were evacuated again. The countless theories still hang over the region today. And the reason remains unknown. There are those who believe that the fires were caused by a single resident, but no one has been able to prove it.

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